Traditional Feast ‘Mejban’ in lakemba, February 16

Host is a multi-dimensional traditional banquet in the greater Chittagong region of Bangladesh. The word Persian Mejban means hospitality. In the Chittagong language it is called Mazzan. After the death of someone, anniversary,death anniversary, Akika after the birth of the baby, birth anniversary, personal success, start a new business, enter a new home, birth of the desired child in the family, marriage, circumcision, cutting the ears of the girls and feasting on the death anniversary of the religious person. It is also hosted for special occasions or auspicious events. Historically feasting is a traditional regional festival where guests are invited to eat white rice & beef.

Every year in Sydney, Australia, different organizations host events However,this is the first banquet being held in Lakamba,the home of most Bangladeshi people At a nominal price, you can attend the feast Only $8 per person will be required to register this link online The organizers will be collaborating with the Global Business and Cultural Association on February 16,along with several organizations,including Shadhin Kantha, ESI Global, Solar World.


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