Australian employees entitled to ‘pandemic leave’ as part of sweeping industrial relations changes caused by coronavirus

Australian employees are now entitled to two weeks’ “pandemic leave” if they need to self-isolate during the coronavirus pandemic as part of sweeping industrial relations changes announced today.

The Minister for Industrial Relations, Christian Porter, has announced changes to 103 of Australia’s 121 existing employee awards.

The “pandemic leave” will allow for eligible employees to take two weeks’ unpaid leave if they are required to self-isolate or otherwise are unable to work due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

In another new measure, employees will also be able to take double their accrued annual leave at half the pay, in a move designed to keep Australians in jobs that are under hiatus or seeing reduced trade.

“You can see how those common-sense changes would allow the flexibility in a number of businesses, where flexibility could well make the difference between survival of the business and preservation of the jobs or the failure of the business and the loss of the jobs,” Mr Porter said.

“It’s probably fair to say that there has been the type of change in three weeks inside the award system that you might otherwise wait 30 years to see.

Source :9NEWS ,Australia


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